Mitsubishi, 3D TVs, and tracking convergence

Mitsubishi announced last week that it would field a total of eight 3D-ready HDTVs – including what it termed the largest mass-produced 3D television, the 82-inch DLP Model WD-82737.  Much of the press coverage did not mention which of the five non-interoperable 3D technologies, some of which have non-interoperable subset technologies, the sets would use.  The 82-inch uses shutter glass 3D technology.

Is anyone aware of a research group that is tracking product launch and sales by 3D technology, so we can see if the industry is naturally converging on a consumer playback standard outside of all of the discussion groups?

(The five non-interoperable 3D technologies are: Spectral (including anaglyph, colorcode, and a few other two-color glasses solutions), Polarized (orthogonal and circular), shutter glasses, autostereoscopic (many different view-counts), and head mounted displays.)


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