Consumer 3D Experience Lab

Here is the description of the Lab and program I am building at USC.

The Consumer 3D Experience Lab at the Entertainment Technology Center is a neutral forum for learning about and discussing the latest resources available for delivering a 3D viewing experience to consumers in the home, on personal devices, and in public spaces.  Three dimensional viewing technologies have come a long way since the blue and red paper glasses used to view 3D in the 1950’s.  The recent increase in theatrical 3D releases has proven to be extremely popular among consumers, and so it only makes sense for the creative industries to team with product and service providers to develop ways to move that experience into other environments, enabling the consumer to enjoy 3D experiences anytime and anywhere.

The Consumer 3D Experience Lab showcases the wide range of 3D technical approaches and viewing experiences currently available to consumers.  The Lab is a platform for bringing experts together to discuss the creative and technical issues that will define an enjoyable, long-duration 3D viewing experience.  The goal of the Lab is to accelerate the convergence of ideas, so that consumers looking for 3D content, products, and services will have a consistent, enjoyable purchasing and viewing experience.

The facility consists of a 3D Living Room for focus groups and private meetings, a 3D Home Theatre containing a consumer-grade 3D projection system, and a 3D Sandbox where all the major consumer 3D content, encoding, and display options are demonstrated.


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